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Workouts Of the Week….. WOW

Sound off members! Let us at BMSfit London and the community know how your training sessions are going.
Post on the workout sessions you attend and look forward to, what you enjoy about them  and how they help with your day to day life.

  1. Sunday (02/22) was another fantastic workout. I arrived feeling a little under the weather (due to Saturday nights’ festivities), and I left feeling great! Sore, but great 🙂 – not only due to an excellent workout but also the positive energy and warmth present in every one of Joe’s sessions. This class really is second to none.

    My triceps are still letting me know how hard we worked yesterday…

  2. Another awesome workout. I am completey exhausted and can’t wait for Thursday. Bring it on Joe! (I can already tell that tomorrow will be a “sore” day)

  3. Today’s class was a super-set, and I have never worked out harder in my life! It was so intense. It was incredible. I love it 🙂 Each session, I think Joe has outdone himself by designing another fantastic workout, and this has never been more true than today! WOW. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be involved in this program.

  4. Very impressed with todays workout! I can tell that there is a lot of thought that goes into Joes program. Gotta tell you that I really liked the the exericse that we did tonight with the perfect push ups/rings. Now that was challenging. Looking forward to Thursday!

  5. Joe….you may need to rename this forum the Jenn/Tara Dialogue….LOL!

    Jenn’s right – the perfect push-ups with our feet in the rings was super challenging! I also liked the bicep curl with the towel/kettle bell from Sunday’s class…

  6. LOL…well Tara you missed a good one tonight. Just when you thought it was over Joe had us do a crazy blast at the end of class. Killer…but loved it! I am sure Joe will not let us down with Sunday’s class.

  7. Sessions are only as good as the energy and you all step up every time and shine:)

  8. Great class tonight Joe. Only you would think to fill a big tube with water and incorporate it into a workout . . . very creative (and fun). See you Thursday!

  9. Great class Joe

  10. Thanks for the feed back Nic I would like to lay claim to the tube but I found it doing some research on the web. Still was fun wasn’t it? See you ALL Thursday and Friday Cheers!

  11. Jenn….we’re not alone on here now! LOL!

    I am feeling better and pumped for Tuesday’s class. My muscles are sore today from Sunday’s incredible workout. Joe – after reading your comments regarding incorporating at least 1 activity/week, in addition to our regular sessions, that will be my goal this week.

  12. I think that WOW is an understatment after today’s class. I think the ‘What the Bleep’ workout is more appropriate. I don’t know who this Chrissy is why she designed this insane workout. That being said like all of our workouts you manage to make every class intriguing and therefore addicting. So I am going to rest my muscles and start to prepare myself for the full Chrissy!!!

  13. Nicole, Chrissy is actually a young lady that this workout was made up for by Shawn Mozen of Agatsu. She requested something that didn’t require anything excessive in the Kettlebell skills department and that would present a challenging work out. Pretty good huh??? To think we only had you do half the complete workout is soon to come sure you’ll love it. Cheers and thanks for the response Nicole and a Big thanks to Shawn AND Chrissy for the opening the door to a world of infinite WO possibilities.

  14. Why does this have to be the ONLY reilable source? Oh well, gj!

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