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Proper Breathing and Exercise

Far too often in our day to day lives we lose valuable energy resources by not maintaining proper natural breathing. We all too often take for granted this  important involuntary action which we are able to  marginally control. Thus  if  conscious enough of our breathe we are able to make it work for us by helping  deal with the daily challenges we face in a more controlled and calm fashion. How often have we heard just take a few deep breathes is a challenging situation to think and act more clear?

Just as in our daily activities breathing fully and deeply is a key factor in your reach your fitness goals more quickly and safely. Your breathing patterns will strongly affect workouts and how you feel while performing your routine. If you aren’t focusing on proper breathing technique, exercise may seem more difficult than it needs to be. Though to some it may sound rather secondary learning the proper technique and connecting with your natural breathing rhythms is just as important if not at times more so than doing the movements throughout your exercise sessions. Proper uptake of oxygen and expulsion of bi-products of exertion is key to your replenishing energy reserves and helping to keep the fat burning furnace burning more efficiently.

The norm it seems is to breathe out on the effort phase of an exercise or any action that requires exertion. That means if you’re doing an overhead press, a swing, or a push up, you would breathe out when lifting the trunk or weight. This isn’t an absolute must. If you feel more comfortable breathing in  during the effort, and it works for you by all means do. It is best to let your body find its own natural rhythm.  obviously the  most important thing is that you breathe.

One point that should be noted that is of importance is not to completely exhale under high levels of exertion. Why? When your lungs are completely vacated of air the body has a tendency to relax completely which leaves its structure the skeletal system unsupported and at risk of injury. When exercising or performing any act where muscular exertion is involved you should always remember to stop short of complete exhalation.

Some things of importance to consider regarding your breathing and all your activities are:

  • The cause of side stitches can be a direct byproduct if not enough proper air intake. The more intense the activity, the more you should breathe in a steady controlled manner. Get into a rhythm and maintain a constant pace. This will help you supply your body with the right amount of oxygen and give you point of focus. Thus, your brain will function better too.
  • Breathing excessively can cause hyperventilation, though rare it can occur. Find a steady pattern of breathing that feels right and stick with it. You will find whatever activity you are performing you body will find a rhythm for getting proper oxygenation naturally.
  • Holding your breath while bearing down to perform any physical task or exercise can cause blood pressure to rise significantly. It can also reduce blood flow to your brain and increase pressure in your chest – both of which could be dangerous while performing  physical work or intense fitness activities.

Become aware of your breathing during your exercise sessions. Focus on  breathing out forcefully more than on pulling i air in that will happen naturally. Inhale through the nose but realize that when you start working harder you may not be able to bring in enough air that way. There will be times where you will find it necessary to breathe through your mouth. The more serious you are about working out, the more important proper breathing is. Proper deep breathing can result in a 1-2% competitive edge increase among athletes. Finally, get into a rhythm, stick to it each time you exercise and you’ll enjoy your sessions more while realizing safe and  enjoyable results .

Anyone that has experiences or insights to share with regards to this topic, please we would love to hear from you!

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