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Muscle Confusion how it works, and effects Your fitness progress

The great thing about the principle of muscle confusion is that it is applicable to any discipline whether you run marathons or work to chisel the bodybuilders physique and all of the rest of us in between . Muscle confusion is not by any means a recent revelation in  the quest for physical fitness.

Muscle confusion is the principle of changing your routines to keep your body guessing. The human body is very efficient at adapting to its environment and will seek to maintain homeostasis. If you’ve hit a plateau then you will need to make changes in both your daily feeding habits and exercise routine. Why limit your choices when you can have it all? So confusion is actually a good thing. In essence the age old adage Change is Good rings true.

Exercise regimes often become stale after only a week or so. The body knows well how to adjust to the current activity being performed everyday and when the body learns and adjusts, the exercises fail to provide the higher levels of calorie burn needed to continue to lose weight and the effect on the body to continue  gaining   strength, endurance and mobility and flexibility in a progressive direction.

When the muscle is constantly confused, it never adjusts the activities and thus consistently provides a higher calorie burn and  physical transition both in functional results  and on the scale. Muscle confusion will work with every style of workout. Cardiovascular, weight lifting, and even more passive exercise choices like vigorous housework or yard work can be utilized to keep those muscle totally oblivious to what is going on.

No matter how you go about completing your daily burn, as long as the muscles are confused, the calories burned will remain high.

Weight loss is all about burning more calories than consumed. While exercise in general is always beneficial for the body, the concept of muscle confusion is the most effective way to prolong those high calorie burns for an indefinite period of time. Burn more, burn longer and keep that body guessing with the concept of muscle confusion for weight loss.

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