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melt roller top

The MELT roller unlike conventional hard rollers found in gyms is unique in design. It’s proper use addresses the fascia of the body which is home to many primary functions of the bodies well being. rather the musculoskeletal system. The roller with its soft outer surface and firm inner core when used with the protocols set out is instrumental in aiding the body in find its natural state of stasis.

With its use we learn to reconnect with our body and become more body aware through the rest assess process of the method. This in it self gives us the opportunity to feel what is really happening structural and how the effects of daily living are effecting our well being.

The re-balancing of our systems occurs when we utilize the roller to bring our nervous system back into balance with techniques of controlled breathe and positions in effecting the stabilizing and opening up the lines of communication in our autonomic nervous system.

We re-hydrate the bodies connective tissue both superficial and deep with techniques that are focused on local points of concern by gliding, shearing and rinsing methods.

The release of areas of compression and restriction on our structures is caused with techniques utilizing our roller in lengthening.

The beauty the roller when used with care and attention to detail is it addresses not only issue of chronic postures that may cause pain and discomfort it can also be used as a pre workout method to heighten our performance and a post workout to lengthen and release compression and speed recovery.

The MELT roller in the right environment is your ticket to pain free living. It’s use is a wonderful adjunct method to compliment hands on therapy work and prolong its effect.

Melt roller bottom

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