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Kettlebell is there a difference from Steel to Cast Kettlebells

The kettlebell is becoming recognized as a very effective training tool for fitness in all aspects of the industry and it seem they are appearing on every gym floor. The question arises now, is there a difference in the type of Bell you use and how it affects practice and results?

The answer is most certainly yes.
We have been running a fitness centre in London Ontario Canada for 3 years now and one of our main staple has been the kettlebell. What has arisen is upon opening we used strictly cast sport or fitness grade kettlebells with a minor amount of pro grade steel kettlebells in our arsenal for the die hards. Recently we have begun a shift to completely using the Pro Grade Steel Kettlebell and are phasing out the cast units save and accept the very light ones for our beginner clients.
Let’s talk about why the Pro Grade. They are all a fixed size to specification, the ball,  handle, height, and the shape are all consistent from 8 kg to 48 kg. They are also made of steel, rather than cast iron, and are used in international kettlebell competitions. Unlike cast iron kettlebells, pro grade kettlebells always have the same dimensions regardless of weight.

Traditional cast iron kettlebells get larger as they get heavier, and each size rests in a slightly different place in the rack position.
The Pro Grade kettlebells are made from steel, rather than cast iron, and thus they are more durable. Obviously the cast iron kettlebells are robust but if dropped there is a chance of them bkreaking as cast will.  Steel kettlebells on the other hand  are virtually indestructible, and offer tremendous value.
Pro Grade handles are slightly slimmer than with traditional cast iron kettlebells and usually are smooth to the hand. The handles are designed to prevent lateral sliding and minimize fatigue when high repetition sets are being performed. Pro Grade Competition Kettlebells look is large compared to cast iron bells. They have a greater mass in the ball of the bell, conveying different and by many trainers’ standards, better ballistic properties due to this larger center mass.
Mind you there is a price difference but in the long run you would be better served to spend more to realize  a more efficient training and subsequent results.
So the decision is strictly up to the individuals’ preference and pocket book, at our end the opinion is ”Pro is the way to Go”

Let us know what you think, please post your opinion here we would love to hear fron you.
Again a reminder though your trainer uses Kettlebells in your Program is he or she  certified to teach the use of the Bells in a safe and efficient manner? Qualify this for the Kettlebell requires a great deal more attention to detail of technique than most other tools in the Gym.


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