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It’s Been too Long…. Kettlebells, Tabata, Muscle Confusion,where did it go??!!!!

Our  apologies for the interruption in the blog entries, We at BMSfit have had  little time to research and work on providing our viewers the flow of valuable information about their fitness and overall well being.

We have been busy working on the opening of our new state of the ART facility, as as humble as it may be with regards to  amenities….. it will make up in technology old, world that is: straight, simple, safe hard work, and fun.

What with construction, equipment implementation and design, marketing and  administration it has been a challenge to say the least. I would ask that all of you  that have visited the blog  regularly  be patient for there will much more enriched informatioresulting fron all of the resources that will arise pertaining to exercise pyshiology, aerobic and anearobic effect from our delving into the world of  high intensity interval, functional  and tabata training that we will drawing from  at our new facility opening  in August of 2009.

Thank you all for you interest and we look forward to providing the inside track on the Kettlebell, finally coming to it’s just light in Canada along with all the other innovative systems of training to help become the best that you functonally can  be and look!

Look for Video streaming and a wealth of online info sessions starting  monthly in September

Body Machine Shop Fitness Centre

Bmsfit London

1615-39 North Routledge Park

N6H 5N5  519 474 2847

See you all when we have opened  and the dust has settled with much more.


“Your Fitness is Our Focus”

Body, Mind,Spirit, are ONE

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