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Competition Grade Steel Kettlebells- Are they worth the effort?

The Steel Pro Grade kettlebell created in the 1970’s as the sport of kettlebell lifting became internationally recognized the Pro Grade was the standard. They were intended to guarantee that their proportion and size remained the same when lifting in competitions. However, it wasn’t just for the competitive purposes that the dimensions were set like this. As the Kettlebell lifters (gireviks) generally start on a lighter weight, to ensure good technique the size and dimensions of the kettlebell remain the same as the lifter increases the weight. So although the weight goes up, at no point will their technique have to change.
The sport of kettlebell lifting is developing fast and the need for high quality Pro Grade Competition Kettlebells is fast growing as well. Whether you are trainer, a home gym fitness buff,, athlete or kettlebell lifter the Pro Grade kettlebells are just what you need to practice and get fit safely with. They are always coloured in their true competition colours (not unlike the plates for Olympic lifting plate are) for the sake of quick recognition internationally. Pro Grade kettlebells have unfinished smooth steel handles to allow the lifter to gain the perfect strong grip whilst assure excellent nonabrasive handling during techniques.
Simply put in order to truly realize the safe and proper execution of most of the kettlebell lifts the Pro Grade kettlebell is the best way to practice be it for fitness or competition.
Accept nothing less than the best, most safe and effective tool when training with Kettlebells always go with the Pro Grade. Just as a tradesman uses the tools that are best suited for the job such is the case with Pro Grade competition kettlebells.
What type of Kettlebells do you practice with cast or steel? Give us your feedback on the pros and cons of each if any.
We would love to hear you views and comments.

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