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Class Registration


The following classes require that you register on a weekly basis to attend.
Please note that for these classes we have parameters to be met in order to proceed.

There is a minimum requirement of 4 participants for any class to proceed.

 Cancellation is up to the discretion of BMSfit.

Note these classes are for any standard card holder or membership. These classes are not for beginning members at BMSfit who require guidance.


Deadline for registration is noon  the day before the event.

If class are  cancelled notification will be posted by noon the day before the event by omitting it from the
Calendar found on BMSfits Website look in the About Section – Schedules page.
It is your responsibility to stay informed.

The MELT classes on Thursday and Sunday will run through December 2016. Registration required below.

The MELT classes are for all individuals who wish to experience the benefits of MELT note payment is either by Drop in or 10 pass card.

Class minimums is 5 and maximums is 10 participants.


No events available...

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