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Chrissy and Shawn at the May 1st Certification

Voila, Shawn Mozen,  ( alchemist that takes what seems to be something  at times so simple and turns it into fitness revelation ( I know, I know….. I’m suckin up) and the Lady  who you will all get to know as the one who asked for the madness …..Chrissy.


Thank you both for you commitment helping make this a better place for all of us to experience. Andrea  thank you so much  for the photos. I am  glad you made it home safe and sound was great meeting you and spending the blur of a day earlier this month.

To all the  Athletes that I meet at the level 2 certification you were all an inspiritaton, and  thank you . Without a doubt  a  fantastic group, true to the cause.

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  1. It was definately my pleasure, Joe. The weekend was so amazing I’ve set my own Level 1 Certification as a goal for the beginning of next year. I tried the Chrissy complex yesterday and damn… she’s not a nice lady. Good thing the REAL Chrissy’s a sweetheart.

    Take Care!!

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