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“BMSfit will prove to everyone the trains with us that the Kettlebell  is the most efficient way to get fit,

learn to move and  live life like the althetes that we were born to be.”

What is a Kettlebell?

It is weighted round ball of cast iron or steel with an over sized iron handle. They can range in weight from 4kg to 50kg.

The kettlebell is becomimg more common in the fitness realm yet very few people both clients and trainers alike lack the knowledge to execute the practice of kettlebells safely and with the technique necessary to yield the best resluts. AT BMSfit we use a professional grade steel bell to assure consistancy and thus a more proficient way to get lean strong, mobile and agile.

Kettlebells top middleThey are by no means new to the world of health and fitness they have just been waiting for a comeback and let’s be thankful that some of the visionary thinkers in the industry have dusted them off. Over the past decade the Kettlebell has seen resurgence from the days of Louis Cyr and Eugene Sandow the strongmen of the late 1900th century and the benefits of this simple understated piece of equipment are tremendous. With proper instruction the Kettlebell will address and improve all the major aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, mobility,excess fat reduction, and flexibility. Combine their use with a healthy attitude with regards to your daily eating habits and you have a bombshell combination.

Will they help you acquire a slimmed down athletic looking physique? Definitely!

Will  use of Kettlebells at BMSfit will help build muscular size and strength and explosive power for athletics? Yes!

The Kettlebell is for all intense and purposes probably one of the most versatile, pieces of equipment you can use to make changes in all aspects of your fitness. Use them collectively the Indian Club and a variety of old school body weight resistance and endurance exercises and your results are limitless.

Unlike most dumbbell, and barbell exercises with the kettlebell muscles are forced to work as a synergistic unit across several planes of motion, while requiring the individual to maintain balance and control.

At BMSfit we are proud to be the first and currently only facility that provides a complete comprehensive Kettlebell program taught by certified experienced instructors.

Many claim to know the methods but  few Personal Trainers and fitness instructors have skill and  training to understand  the mechanics of Kettlebell and it’s use.

Joe Svilpa has been  training with and teaching the practice of Kettlebell  at BMSfit for 8 years.

You have tried the rest now come to the best

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The kettlebell is an ideal piece of equipment to work the 5 main components of

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition
  • Endurance
  • Mobility

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