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Body Weight

The Human body is a marvel of efficiency in movement and yet our society  is always looking for a variety of way to utilize our physical state as little as possibly.


At BMSfit body weight exercise is one of the cornerstones of our practice. It is by far one of the most challenging aspects of exercise when performed properly. The key word is proper execution just as with the clubs and bells the practice of body weight exercise is and will be a constant learning experience. With us you will learn to move as you never have before with a wealth of off the grid exercises to challenge your every dimension of movement.BW1Bodyweight 3



Body weight MiddleThe human body is by far our most effective tool for helping us become more connected with our ability to move and maintain good postural and core integrity as well an overall feeling of well being.

We spend a life time in it without really connecting with its true potentials through focused movement to mobilize strengthen and learn to move again. With BMSfit you will reconnect or stay connected with yourself for a lifetime of healthy productive mobility in your on skin.

From the simplest and most common movements such a push up to a freestanding squat to the multidimensional complex movements such a leg swoop or a walkout to a walkover push-up you will learn to move like you were meant to again and get fit in the process.

At BMSfit we don’t use Machines we are the Machines.


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