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AboutThe need to educate and empower our clients to take responsibility  for their complete fitness is our goal at BMSfit.

It stems from the realization that  our fitness is  primarily affected by how we think, feel, and move in relationship to not only ourselves physically but also how we perceive and relate to the world we live in.

At BMSfit  we endeavor  to provide, be you a homemaker  to  an elite athlete and everyone in-between with  quality programs, specific to improving  daily living  skills. With a minimal annual investment, both in time and money we  help all of our members find and maintain their best.

Far too much emphasis is placed on accomplishing goals simply by expending  judgment-based competitive energy, funds and a specific amount time to reach what seems to be an end result.

Goals such as weight loss, increased strength, physique development, muscular flexibility, overall improved feeling, all require dedication to a HABIT of living the process not dwelling on the arrival at the end result. At BMSfit we help cultivate the  Habits that become as natural to you as any other daily function with regards to your overall well being. This way of living will unlock to you all of the potentials that you rightly deserve to experience physically, intellectually and spiritually.

BMSfit’s Mission

BMSfit’s mission is to build fitness through Awareness, and Balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit as a synergistic system while encouraging the core elements of a healthy life style.



North America’s fitness  industry for years has been driven by the   SUPERSTORE mentality where you buy your membership  (along with thousands of others) at a facility with tens of  thousands of square feet, a maze of equipment and  get fit quick MACHINES that do the work mindlessly for you. Where  the facility prays that all the 6,000 plus members don’t decide to use their memberships. Then hire predominately hobbyist  trainers to solicit you and  may be able to help you reach your desired  fitness and life style enhancing goals provided you are commited to doing so.

At BMSfit we have   created an environment where the challenge of acquiring, regaining or maintaining your fitness is a learning experience  in an atmosphere that is challenging yet  as comfortable as your own home, there are enough challenges in the process as it is. yinyang

Take this  step and join the Functional Fitness revolution.  The paradigm of fitness in all aspects has been  shifting to quality as opposed to quantity. BMSfit is the answer!

Joe Svilpa

  •  Personal Trainer Specialist P.T.S.
  •  Group Training Specialist G.T.S.
  • Level II Certified Kettlebell instructor
  • Shodan Yoshinkan Aikido
  • Certficate of instructor Honbu Dojo Japan in Yoshinkan  Aikido
  • Former London Heavy weight O.A.B.B.A. Bodybuilidng Champion.
  • President  Canadian Kettlebell and Fitness Institute.
  • Founder of the BMSfit System
  • St. Johns Ambulance C.P.R. Certified


about bottomAt BMSfit, your goals are cultured by helping you find the: commitment, strength of character and focus to learn through self-motivated activity, both intellectually and physically, what you truly are capable of achieving.

All of this while having a whale of a great time while interacting with like minded people!


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